Health Benefits of Being Vegetarian

Lentil soup with smoked paprika and bread in a ceramic bowl on a wooden background

One of Ayurveda’s main pillars for health is the emphasis on diet, food combination and nutrition. It establishes that food should be fresh, organic, natural and filled with life energy or prana. The food that we eat should have life force so it can provide us with the right type of energy to benefit our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Fresh vegetables, fruits and grains are filled with good prana and it helps our mind to generate, maintain and conserve good thoughts and actions.

It is said that each type of food has a specific effect on our body, mental function, and consequently our attitudes. The brain is the most sensitive organ, responding very fast to improper nutrition. Our diet has a direct effect on our mind and heavy food such as animal meat causes alterations in the mind in the form of excitement, lethargy, sleep, lust, and intoxication. As a consequence, the intellect becomes erratic and weak.

Four main benefits of being a vegetarian:

Balanced & Nutritious Meals – Planned vegetarian diets are healthy, nutritionally adequate, and may provide benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. A balanced vegetarian diet can provide all the proper nutrition and support that the body needs.

Increased Endurance – Many athletes keep a vegetarian diet before competitions, as the prana improves performance.

Good for the Environment – Following a vegetarian diet has important ecological consequences. Growing a plant does not require the amount of land, water, energy and resources that go towards raising animals to produce meat. Being vegetarian is a way to show that you care about our planet!

Longevity – Vegetarians have longer life spans, lower incidences of cancer and higher bone density. People in Okinawa, Japan have the longest life expectancy according to a 30-year study of more than 600 centenarians. They relied on a low-calorie vegetarian diet of carbohydrates, soy, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.

It is recommended to get a personalized program to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals.