Ayurvedic Approach to Cancer

Cancer, almost every person has been affected directly or indirectly by this dreaded disease.  The modern medical model explains cancer as the structural change of the cells resulting in unrestrained growth.  While science may claim the success rate of the related treatments has increased, the life-altering side effects and levels of toxicity these treatments generate in our healthy cells is material.

According to Ayurveda, cancer is the breakdown of self-referral.  Self-Referral is simply defined as the natural state of our total body, less the effects of the environment and the experiences imposed on the body. When the flow of natural intelligence throughout our physiology is supported by self-referral, our health is vibrant, energized and harmonious:  Our cells “acknowledge” they are part of the whole (unaltered by experience or environment).

Stress, as defined under Ayurveda, occurs when self-referral is altered.  Due to the accumulation of stress and its resulting toxicity, cells become disconnected from their purpose for existence.  Therefore, the approach to heal a cancer cell is to restore its memory of wholeness.  The cell must remember its higher function (what is its role), express its unique talents (what is its outcome) and be “aware” of its purpose (how can it serve the whole).

Fear is the basic disrupter of the flow of natural intelligence.  With every threat, we experience fear and the ultimate fear is the fear of death, thus making the healing process in cancer patients very complex.

Ayurvedic treatment involves the elimination of bodily toxicity, strengthening of digestive power and nourishment of the tissues.  Tapping into the field of pure potentiality – through inner silence – a person can reestablish complete cellular memory, however, the change must come from within, putting aside all fears and surrendering to the spirit – here relies the holistic approach to healing.

Recommendations include:

Reduce physical toxicity through healthy diet, daily self-massage and taking herbal supplements.

Reduce emotional toxicity by honoring your feelings, sharing your emotions and laughing often. Experience gratefulness, forgiveness and trust.

Reduce mental toxicity through daily meditation practice.