Demystifying Oil Pulling

Coconut oil on a bamboo mat

Recently, there has been an explosive interest in several publications, in the Internet and TV programs about the ancient practice of “oil pulling”. Once again, the wisdom of Ayurveda surprises us with the efficacy of its traditions. Let’s explore this recommended daily practice and the many benefits it can bring to you…

The process

Every morning, right after awakening, put 1 tablespoon of either sunflower, sesame, olive or coconut oil in your mouth and swish it through your teeth for 5 minutes. The mix of saliva and oil releases enzymes that will draw toxins from our body. Oil pulling is believed to pull out the toxins circulating in the tissues lining the oral cavity, as well as the toxins in the local blood supply found in the tongue. It is very important to spit out the oil so toxins are not reabsorbed. The milky or yellowish color is the indicator of toxins and destructive bacteria.

The benefits

Visible effects of oil swishing include the elimination of gum bleeding, the prevention of bad breath and the whitening of the teeth. Removing toxins of our system benefits the entire organism, as bacteria in the mouth is detrimental to our health. It is said that long term benefits might involve clearing up infections, headaches, skin conditions, allergies, liver problems, asthma and more.

The integration of this practice into our daily routine will improve the taste function of the tongue, allowing us to better appreciate our meals and the natural tastes in the food.

Following an Ayurvedic lifestyle is all about integrating small and simple practices like this one. Natural, easy and affordable, oil pulling could be your best ally to improve your health and well-being. I invite you to try it!