Healing Approach

The wisdom behind the ancient healing principles of Ayurveda establishes that complete physical health and wellbeing is achieved through living in harmony with the nature that surrounds us and creating balance between our body, mind and spirit. A very important aspect of such balance is our ability to develop, nourish and maintain positive relationships with every person we interact with, keeping us free of emotional toxicity.


However, modern life often violates these principles. We work long hours in offices with artificial light and air conditioning systems. We don’t have time to prepare breakfast; we eat a fast food lunch at our desk and a packaged dinner in front of the television. We rush from one task to the next while being bombarded with advertising and constant noise; we are frequently absorbing pollution through the air and water. We often do not have enough time to spend with our dear ones and moreover, with ourselves. No wonder we are constantly inviting disease, living under stress and missing our real purpose, “happiness”.

JothiVita provides you a sanctuary to embark on the path towards returning balance to your life and achieving comprehensive health that spans physical, emotional and spiritual well being.