What Is Included?

Your daily schedule will include the following:

Ayurvedic Consultation – Your program starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your current condition, the history of your personal health and the identification of areas to balance. Specific therapies will be designed according to your condition, needs and body type. Throughout the program, you will receive daily checkups and counseling.

Pranayama and Meditation – You will start your day with personalized breathing exercises and a meditation practice. Your body becomes supple, your mind centered, and your muscular system activated through these time-honored relaxation techniques.

Diet – You will be served a light diet consisting of organic fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, teas, grains and legumes, allowing your body to cleanse while providing valuable nutrients for rebuilding tissues. Guided fasting will be applied when appropriate.

Herbal Support – Specific herbs are administered to cleanse and rebuild a different organ each day. Herbs are powerful allies for rejuvenation.

Massage Therapy – Every day you will receive massage therapy performed by our expert licensed practitioners. Medicated herbal oil blends are selected according to your constitutional body type. Marma point therapy will be applied to balance the nervous system, while the soothing massage dissolves holding patterns which can cause aging.

Medicated Steam (Swedhana) – Sweating opens the channels of elimination through your skin. You will experience the ancient technique of applying warm medicated oils to your head before relaxing in the steam. This heightens awareness while relaxing your body.

Shirodhara and Medicated Oil Therapy – Focused streaming of special oils onto the forehead will produce an exquisite state of transcendence, bringing balance to your emotions and mind. Special nose and ear drops will be applied to penetrate and stimulate your nervous system.

Colon Cleansing (Basti) – The cleansing of the intestinal track with herbal teas and oils will remove accumulated toxins, freeing the immune system so rejuvenation can take place.

Purgation Therapy (virechan) – This brings about cleansing of accumulated toxins in your upper digestive track which cannot be reached by basti. Your digestive fire is released, increasing your metabolic efficiency.