About Our Classes

I am delighted – not to say amazed – that I have done the meditation practice twice a day, every day, since taking the Primordial Sound Meditation workshop. It now feels like an absolutely key part of my day and the most visible benefits are manifesting themselves in the fact that I now have such an awareness of how my body feels when it is totally at ease and when it is stressed. So I breathe through it and realize the effect of living without that awareness must have had on my body over the years until Deepak and you all came my way !

The other miraculous benefit is that I now sleep without any medication and have a great quality of sleep most nights…. Thanks to Luz, Vickie and Ann for hosting the event!
Kathy Colman, Eleuthera, The Bahamas

I was introduced to Ayurveda when I took the Perfect Health workshop looking for a healthier lifestyle. The clarity, calm and loving approach of Luz explaining this ancient wisdom and turning it into a modern and practical way of living, made a daily change in my life and in my choices. I highly recommend this workshop to anybody looking to enhance their life and health.
Angela Ybarra, Mexico City

Love goes out to my new friends Vicky and Ann. Thank you for teaching me your meditation tools. And thank you Luz & Louis for opening JothiVita Spa. Your workshop was a valuable experience for me and my family… they already notice the difference in me and I feel wonderful. See you again and often.
Louise O’Grady, Miami