The Mind-Body Constitution


The Ayurvedic foundation is based on the elements that form everything in this Universe, including the human being.  These elements combine differently for each individual which reveals our dosha – our mind-body constitution.  There are three main doshas: Vata, Pitta, & Kapha; and we are the product of these unique dosha combinations in both, our mind and body.

Vata.  This dosha governs bodily movement, including the nervous system and the process of elimination.  Vatas are usually thin, agile, with dry skin and hair.  They are energetic, creative, flexible and have bursts of energy followed by fatigue.  When unbalanced, they become anxious, stressed, constipated and restless.

Pitta. This dosha controls metabolism, digestion and energy production in the body (all transformation processes).  Pittas are medium size, have good appetite and digestion, powerful intellect, are outspoken, great decision-makers and leaders with tendency for early graying and baldness.  When unbalanced, they become arrogant, tempered and argumentative, creating physical conditions such as ulcers, heartburn, skin rashes and indigestion.

Kapha.  This dosha gives structure to the body: holding cells together, creating muscle, fat and bone.  Kaphas have a strong build, excellent stamina, radiant skin, thick hair and large pleasant eyes.  Naturally calm, loving and loyal, they like to nurture others.  However, if Kapha goes out of balance, it manifests as weight gain, fluid retention, allergies and depression; and become stubborn and resistant to change.

Ayurveda reveals that every unhealthy manifestation is the result of questionable personal choices and environmental conflicts which generate unhealthy imbalances in our doshas.  Ayurvedic treatments are designed to restore your natural state, bringing your dosha back to balance and is the reason why these therapies are so effective.  In future articles, I will explore specific conditions so that the reader understands lifestyle changes that need to take place in order to avoid or overcome disease.