Herbal Support

Throughout history, all cultures have honored plants and herbs for their medicinal value. This is not an exception in the Ayurvedic system where there are almost 20,000 plants categorized according to their benefits.


Herbs provide subtle nutrition to the cells and tissues of our body. They have many healing properties and are used to regulate our appetite and digestive power; support early stages of imbalance; complement treatments of advanced illnesses; or to counter-balance effects of food like heaviness, gas, irritation, constipation, etc. In Ayurveda, herbs are a main element of an organic and integral method of healing but must be used as part of a complete plan for mind-body balance, tailored for each individual.

It is preferable to consume organic herbs over commercially grown herbs that have been treated with pesticides. These chemicals not only reduce their healing power but might cause harm by accumulating in our bodies. Once the herbs are powdered or ground, they lose their potency within a few months, so it will always be better to consume them whole and add them to our meals.

Herbs and spices can benefit or aggravate the doshas. We invite you to learn about the herbal support most beneficial to you by scheduling an Ayurvedic Consultation with our experts.