A True Story

I recently had the opportunity to share a presentation with a group of members of the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on the topic of Ayurvedic Doshas.

As I prepared my material and the presentation flow I intended to follow, it dawned on me that “I” was the example of the message I was preparing. My ambition is to help folks understand and integrate the positive effects of Ayurveda into their lives. What I have found often to be the case with many folks is that they view their world very narrowly, promoting their career needs over, and at the expense, of their spiritual needs.

My challenge is to help the people I have been privileged to speak with understand and appreciate that it is possible to keep your toes dipped in both the rivers of career and spirit without sacrificing either. Like most of my colleagues, I work a significant number of hours each week (typically > 70). What makes my circumstance different is that I don’t spend all those hours concentrated in only my traditional career role. At least 20 hours each week is spent working in my spiritual role which serves as a remarkable counter-balance to the stress of my career role.

Ironically, the action of planning my most recent presentation allowed me to shine a light on myself and witness my own choices and see first-hand evidence of the benefits I’ve been trying to describe to others. I understand that what I just said may seem entirely contradictory; however, I had been delivering my earlier presentations using the programming of my career role and not my spiritual role and was prioritizing style over meaning.

I have been making professional presentations throughout my entire career and have relied on a messaging model that is both simple and highly effective. Within any given topic, your audience may be either Unaware, Aware, Understanding, Believing or already taking Action on your topic. Each of these points has a very specific set of criteria that allows you to help move people from left to right and ultimately to Acting. Using “examples” is the most effective way to move someone from “Awareness to Understanding” and by using myself as an example in my most recent presentation, I actually felt my audience grasping the meaning of my message far more completely than in the past.

My learning here was to experience the development my Dharma and to see how my talents can actually serve others. Understanding Dharma is part of what we teach through the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success and we invite you to reach out and ask us about this wonderful life tool.

At JothiVita, we are committed to your personal wellbeing and through our services we strive to increase your awareness to the many natural resources that can help balance your lifestyle in pursuit of good health, happiness and bliss.