Ayurveda & Yoga

Together, Yoga and Ayurveda, establish a complete approach to achieve complete health, increase vitality and achieve higher states of consciousness. Traditionally, in India, yoga has been related to the spiritual side of life as the path to self-realization. On the other hand, Ayurveda address physical and mental diseases, as well as lifestyle regimens. Yoga has been prescribed in the Ayurvedic context as therapy or exercise. At the same time, classical yoga therapy follows the Ayurvedic theory and applications. In this regard, true yoga followers should not ignore the potential benefits of adding Ayurvedic teachings to their practice.


The combined study of these two sister sciences is relevant for each discipline. Restoring wholeness in body, mind and spirit is what every human being is seeking, individually and collectively. Ayurveda recommends yoga poses or asanas, as the most important lifestyle recommendation related to exercise. Asanas are also prescribed as treatment for certain conditions in the body. Half of the Ayurvedic treatment relies on the food we eat. The other half relies on what the body does, which is exercise. The asanas in Yoga treat this part, affecting our health, our vitality and our awareness.

Yoga is useful for all body types. Everyone should practice yoga asanas at least half an hour every day to maintain dosha balance in the body. Asanas are most needed by Vata types for being most prone to postural distortions. Kapha, who tend to be sedentary, benefit of a more active form of asanas (vinyasas). Pitta types require asanas that help them cool down their fiery constitution.

At JothiVita, we offer different types of yoga sessions to help you achieve physical and mental balance while integrating the practice into your Ayurvedic lifestyle. Check out our class schedule!