Health Benefits of Massage


Everyone enjoys a visit to the Spa and the pampering and relaxation you experience after a good massage. While there are great psychological benefits, let’s explore the direct physical benefits you can obtain from a periodic massage treatment.

While massage has gained terrain over the years and is now considered part of complementary or alternative medicine, 5000 years ago the science of Ayurveda established massage as one of the most powerful therapies within this healing system. Some recent studies have found massage helpful to alleviate anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, poor circulation, nerve and muscular pain. The Ayurvedic massage maximizes the benefits by stimulating acupressure points in the body called marma points and using warm medicated herbal oils according to the specific mind-body constitution of the person receiving the treatment.

The benefits of using 100% organic and natural herb-infused oils include the moisturization of the deep layers of the skin; feeding the good microbes in the skin; pulling impurities and toxins out of the pores; and supporting a healthy immune response against foreign agents by stimulating the production of immune-boosting fatty acids.

To experience the full benefits of this treatment, a periodic professional massage given by an Ayurvedic expert is recommended. However, you can also incorporate as part of your daily routine the practice of a self-massage by following these simple steps:

1. Warm some unrefined sesame or coconut oil
2. Apply the oil to the whole body using your palms and fingers
3. Use circular motions over the joints and straight strokes on longer bones
4. Go deeper over your muscles and lighter over sensitive areas
5. Make emphasis on feet and head, including your ears
6. Rest for 5 to 10 minutes, witnessing the sensations in your body
7. Shower as usual