Healthy Aging


Every first Friday of the month we host a Conscious Movie night during which we present contemporary content related to health, yoga, spiritual matters, diet and many other topics that promote good conversation and personal reflection at the conclusion of each movie

During October we presented a movie called, “Healthy Aging”. The production was actually a seminar held in front of a live audience and the speaker engaged in a lively and informative conversation concerning the stages of life. In this discussion the central theme was choosing a lifestyle that resulted in what was called, “compression of morbidity”, or stated in other words, making life choices that don’t result in a lengthy decline of our body and its systems. What we learned is that so many people and their families endure needlessly difficult experiences when the opposite effect, or “expansion of morbidity takes effect within themselves or their loved ones.

We will all decline over the years, which is not an outcome we can avoid. We can however take actions that will work to lessen the likelihood that our systems will start failing sooner than they actually have to. It is for this reason the term “compression” is used in the above statement. I’m sure most of you would agree that seeing a loved one leave this world without a long and protracted period of suffering is a humane sentiment. Unfortunately, diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, auto immune disorders, cancer, coronary disease, etc. serve to lengthen our period of decline and result in years of suffering for those directly afflicted and their families.

There are many choices we can make today that will help avoid the fate of “expansion of morbidity”. Ayurvedic diets to fuel a healthy body with balanced nutrients. Yoga to help with balance and conditioning, thus avoiding falling accidents. Massage therapy to help loosen and eliminate bodily toxins. A healthier, joyous life awaits.