A genuine life milestone

This weekend I completed yet another journey that is part of many lives, the final chapter in sending your children into the world to live their lives and pursue their own happiness.

My youngest daughter graduated from the University of Florida and will soon begin her new career with a fantastic company that touches anyone who has ever shopped online.

She joins her oldest sister who entered into the law career and is making her own strides each day learning the trade, appearing in court and working hard to help the people she is asked to represent.

She is already blessed to be the Aunt to her beautiful nephew and niece (my grandchildren) from my lovely middle daughter.

Each of my girls (3), is partnered with a man who cares for them deeply and is working each day to be a better individual and partner inside their relationship.

Last night I slept well.

God, whose image we are created in, leaves us with a gift no other inhabitant of this earth possesses, the truest form of his image, which is the ability to “create”. When we use our God-given talent to create, we have the opportunity to shape, influence and hopefully inspire our creation to serve others in ways that we weren’t able to achieve ourselves.

Each of my girls is my legacy of creation and they are truly lifting me up with their dreams and their deeds in pursuit of those dreams.

Last night I slept well.

I am content in the knowledge that all my girls have chosen a path that will provide them with opportunities to blossom as individuals and to serve others with their many talents.

For me, this is the ultimate milestone in the parenting experience.

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