Meditation as a tool for Detachment

Since beginning my journey with JothiVita, I’ve have learned so much about the subtleties of feeling, thought, action and consequence. One of the most powerful teachings I have consumed is also one of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, the Law of Detachment.

It is important to properly define the context in which we use the term “detachment” and to ensure it isn’t confused with “disinterest”, or “indifference”. Detachment, as used in our application, is your exercise of the power of choice, a gift given to us humans that no other earthly creation is endowed with.

Disinterest and/or indifference are more often a state of mind and behavior associated with parties that lack of sense difference or distinction between two or more things. People, who are indifferent, do not care about anything, and are usually passive.

Detachment on the other hand is a conscious choice we can make that takes us away from pursuing feelings and emotions that can be unproductive to our health, goals and relationships. Detachment is an attitude of common sense, open-mindedness and practical behavior that allows us to remain center-focused and present-moment aware.

People, who can possess detachment, accept whatever happens with calmness and composure. They accept the good and the bad equally, because their mind is in a state inner balance and peace. If there is something they cannot do or change, it does not disturb their inner peace. If they are convinced of the importance of some action, they will pursue it whole-heartedly, and can ignore distractions easily.

Meditation becomes a tool to help develop Detachment. When meditating, often times there is much chatter taking place in your mind, forcing you to think and also awakening feelings associated with your thoughts. When you become to be too involved with your thoughts, follow them, and forget about your meditation and concentration, you’re missing the opportunity that meditation affords; a means to practice detachment.

Developing detachment through meditation provides you the means to ignore thoughts and feelings. This develops the habit of staying calm and emotionally detached, not only during meditation, but also in everyday life. If you regularly practice meditation, sooner or later, you will start to experience detachment. You will discover that you stay calm and undisturbed, under circumstances that previously made you anxious, stressed, angry or agitated. You will find that you can handle your daily affairs of life in a calm and relaxed way.

When detachment is evolved through meditation, people accept both life’s successes and failures. If they succeed with what they do, that is fine, and if they don’t, they will either try again, or forget the matter and move on to something else.

At JothiVita, we are committed to your personal wellbeing and through our services we strive to increase your awareness to the many natural resources that can help balance your lifestyle in pursuit of good health, happiness and bliss.