Overcome Sinusitis… Breathe Ayurveda!


Sinusitis can be an annoying condition. Its symptoms include stuffed nose; flow of yellow or green mucus from the nose; pain or pressure around the eyes or in the face; headache and toothache; reduced sense of smell; and even foul smell from nose and mouth.

There are millions of bacteria in our nose, and most of the time, they are harmless. Even when a few creep into the sinuses, they don’t cause trouble, as long as they keep draining into the nose along with mucus. But if sinus drainage is blocked, glands in the sinuses continue to produce mucus, and the resulting pool of backed-up mucus promotes the growth of bacteria. This bacteria can cause infection, kicking an inflammatory response by the immune system. The result is swelling, which causes headache and facial pain; mucus buildup, which produces congestion; and an influx of white blood cells to fight the bacteria, which thickens the mucus and may tint it yellow or green.

According to Ayurveda, sinusitis is caused by a variety of environmental, anatomical and genetic conditions. The main causes include: high consumption of dry, oily, spicy, and too hot or too cold foods; the suppressing of natural urges (tears and vomiting); exposure to cold, dusty and dry weather; and increased anger, fear or other negative emotions.

The Ayurvedic treatment of sinusitis aims at restoring the impaired Kapha dosha (earth and water elements in the body), clearing the body of toxins through herbs, oil application in the nostrils (nasya), and a planned diet and lifestyle including:

Freshly-prepared and easily-digestible warm food, lots of vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Intake of warm water with cinnamon and black pepper.

Include garlic and ginger in your meals.

Avoid cold, heavy, oily foods, cold drinks, chocolates, ice cream, cold water.

Get plenty of rest.