What to Expect from an Ayurvedic Consultation


Clients who chose to schedule an Ayurvedic Consultation should be prepared to share and discuss a number of topics that cover their overall life span. Understanding your dosha is the first step to beginning the discussion. We provide our consultation clients a pre-meeting package they complete and return to us prior to their scheduled consultation. Inside this package are a Dosha Questionnaire, Lifestyle Assessment and a Client Acknowledgement.

Upon arrival to your consultation, your Ayurvedic consultant will review the completed forms with you to ensure your responses took into account the correct context, will also examine your tongue and complete a pulse reading. Following this information digest, the practitioner will engage you to determine where during your daily routine you have anomalous behaviors inconsistent with your dosha, or catalytic to any imbalance that you are experiencing.

Your consultant is now ready to explain the principles of Ayurveda, which include the five fundamental elements, the three Doshas, which are the direct result of the combination of elements. Having provided you with a complete description of the variables within the Ayurvedic philosophy, the practitioner will now explain how you should fit into the Ayurvedic model and why your current routine and lifestyle choices may be interfering with your ability to properly align with your Dosha.

Inside this part of the consultation, you will come to understand the consequences of decision-making inconsistent with maintaining proper balance of your Dosha. Topics that are likely to surface include diet, the role of exercise, the role of yoga, the role of meditation, the role of herbal supplements and aromatherapy. Additionally, in some cases where toxins have accumulated beyond a reasonable threshold, various massage and other lymphatic drainage treatments may be recommended. In some more advanced imbalance situations, your consultant may recommend you undergo a comprehensive Ayurvedic detoxification program called, Panchakarma.