Yoga and Arthritis

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Yoga postures and breathing techniques are one of the best forms of movement and breathing therapies to help reduce pain, especially for those suffering from arthritis. When people are in pain, their tendency is to reduce or stop certain movement, or shorten their breath while engaged in painful motion. Such responses to arthritic pain can typically lead to even further reduced mobility.
People with arthritis and back pain need to work slowly, concentrate on proper alignment, and increase range of movement and bone quality, while learning proper breathing. Yoga, as a healing modality, can help folks afflicted with these types of medical conditions.
Our center has developed the Yoga Series for Arthritis which can arrest the vicious cycle “no motion/no breathe” and allow you to regain the freedom of motion without pain through exercises proven to help relieve arthritis symptoms while improving energy/stamina, increasing joint stability and decreasing pain.
The program involves a personalized Yoga plan that includes the following 3 interventions:
1. Range of motion/Stretching exercises: Range of motion techniques that engage each joint and push it as far as practical in all appropriate directions. Stretching techniques that lengthen the muscles by stretching to the edge of comfort and then pushing just a bit beyond that point.
2. Strengthening exercises: Use of isometric techniques designed to engage underutilized muscles (those not used due to pain) in order to counteract the effects of atrophy.
3. Endurance exercises: Involve a number of low-impact exercise options designed to overcome premature fatigue and exhaustion.
Each session lasts 45 to 55 minutes. For maximum benefits, a minimum of 2 sessions per week is recommended. I also encourage you to form support groups that make on-going maintenance of exercise, stretching, walking and cycling techniques fun and a reason to socialize together.